In Povo da Mata you will have 3 payment options:

 Multibanco Reference

 When this option is selected, an entity and reference are automatically generated to make the payment at the moment.

 Credit Card: Visa

Select this option and simply fill in the data for payment

 Bank Transfer

 Selecting this option will have access to the data for transfer:

NIB: 0018 0003 46762472020
BANK: Santander Totta S.A.
IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 46762472020 25

 In this option the shipment of the order will only be made after confirmation of the transaction and payment of your bank, can last up to 24h, the cost of this transaction depends only on your bank, for faster and easier can send the proof of the transfer to commercial @

 Paypal can also use your paypal account for payments

 Orders for abroad: You can pay via PayPal / Visa or International Transfer.

 For stock reasons, orders pending payment for more than 9 business days will be canceled.
 For any clarification just contact, click here